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Colorado - an extraordinary state with amazing people

Meet Kent Jarnig

Military War Veteran, Business Senior Executive, Small Business Owner, Husband, Father and Grandfather.  BS Degree from the University of Minnesota.

Kent & Cyndi

We have been Colorado residents for over 25 years.  We moved here by choice, to get out of a yuppie, money oriented Chicago suburb, so that our 5 year old son could learn values that we believe in, such as appreciation of nature, a healthy life style and honoring our country.

Would you like YOUR voice in the Colorado legislature?

Your vote.  Your choice.  They truly make a difference in and for our country and Colorado.  NOT voting is a choice.  Healthcare, education, roads...that's what YOUR Colorado legislature votes on.

Please read about my key Colorado  issues below.  If you agree or disagree, please send to me your comments below.  I appreciate everyone's opinions. 

Meet Kent at these Events

Kent will be at these events to meet YOU!

  • Saturday, July 21st, 10:00 AM, meet Kent at Pete Baril's home -  1183 WHISTLER   HOLLOW DR  Colorado Springs 80906.
  • Saturday, July 21st, 4:30, meet Kent at the Cheyenne Mountain Library,  1785 S 8th St, Colorado Springs - hosted by Chris Jones
  • Saturday, August 4th, 2:30, Monument Library, 1706 Lake Woodmoor Drive in Monument.  Meet Kent and Gil Armendariz, Candidate for Senate District 9 - hosted by Gloria Lanyon.

What Will I Do For You?

First, Register to Vote

If you just moved to Colorado or moved since the 2016 Election, click the hot link button below to instantly go to the Colorado State Voter registration form.  FREE, and only takes about a minute or two.  Your ballot will be mailed directly to your home. 

Military - yes, I am a War Veteran...

...and I want to share my experiences with the VA to help other Veterans.  Below are PDFs for information and requirements for both VA Services and VA Disability, along with links to get additional help.  This is from my experience.  Rules, regulations and policy change all the time.  E-mail to me any suggestions or additions.  Kent is endorsed by

The key Colorado issues and my solutions for each one are below.

Click the PDFs below for my positions and opinions on each issue.  Thank you for paging down.

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Your support and donations will enable me to run the best campaign possible.  I have no paid staff, and will not add any.   Campaigns are very expensive, no matter how frugal one is.  $5, $10, $25, or any amount that you can donate is greatly appreciated.  Without donations, my campaign and YOUR voice will be silent.  Thank you.  If you are able to donate $20 or more, State law requires your name, address, employer and occupation.  Thank you for your understanding.  Under $20, you will remain anonymous.

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E-Mail now for same day response - even on weekends! If you would like me to talk with your organization (political, religious, military or social), just let me know the name of the group, date and time. I would be honored to share my ideas and listen to others, regardless of their political leanings. All requests will be confirmed.

 Thank YOU!

KENT JARNIG 4 House District 20

PO Box 1580, Palmer Lake, Colorado 80133